Distance will be no barrier to electric vehicle road trippers with outback Queensland set to join the electric super highway.

New charging stations will be installed in 18 regional towns under stage three of the Queensland Electric Super Highway (QESH) project.

The highway already has 31 stations stretching from Cairns to Coolangatta and west to Toowoomba, and is set to almost double to 3,800 kilometres.

Way of the future

The owner of Toowoomba’s Drayton Medical Centre, Anupam Kumar, was an early adopter of electric vehicles (EV).

He said the expansion of charging stations would entice him further afield.

“I would take my car as far as it can go,” Dr Kumar said.

 love camping and I tow my campervan with my Tesla, so if there were more charging stations, I would go to more western and rural parts of Australia to camp and enjoy.”

A man standing in front of a red electric car. Electric car owner Anupam Kumar loves his Tesla.(ABC Southern Queensland: Anthea Moodie)

If you build it, they will come

The outback is four-wheel drive country, so why do rural towns need charging stations?

Carly Irving is the executive general manager of Yurika, part of Energy Queensland, which is constructing the QESH.

Ms Irving said it was a chicken and egg situation.

“If you need the infrastructure for people to be able to travel, they cannot travel if there is no infrastructure,” she said.

A map of Queensland with 18 locations highlighted and an image of a car charging.