A new hydrogen refuelling station has opened in Australia – and it could soon have capacity to fuel over 100 fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) a day.

Hydrogen Fuels Australia today (June 17) said it has integrated the unit, which is believed to be Australia’s first modular hydrogen production and integrated FCEV refuelling operation, at its greenfield facility in Truganina.

Unveiling details of the operation, Hydrogen Fuels Australia said the system uses its own electrolysis assets to convert renewable power into green hydrogen. The site will initially be capable of producing 60-90kgs of hydrogen from its own 750kW solar array.

It is hoped that the site will ultimately be scaled up to supply approximately 3,000kg with capacity to fuel 100+ vehicles per day.

Commenting on the installation, Francesco Ceravolo, Managing Director of H2FA, said, “We are proud to be launching Australia’s first modular hydrogen fuel generation and commercial refuelling business.

“We’re passionate about employing the unique attributes of hydrogen as a circular, environmentally responsible fuel source to power the next generation of commercial vehicles in Australia.”

Due to the modular nature of the hydrogen power facilities, the site will have all equipment above ground, meaning that the operation can be re- located with minimal environmental impact and cost – a major advantage over legacy petroleum and diesel refuelling stations.

As well as being home to the refuelling facility, the Truganina site will soon also feature research and educational facilities to fully utilise and commercialise all available resources on the site.

The facility will not be connected to the energy grid.

Extracted in full from: New hydrogen refuelling facility to open in Australia (h2-view.com)