Petrol prices are set to soar for some cities and dip for others as the long weekend approaches.

Residents in Brisbane are currently paying the most for their fuel with average prices 40 cents higher than the wholesale price at 168 cents per litre.

“Anyone in Brisbane shouldn’t be filling up this long weekend,” the NRMA’s Peter Khoury told Today.

In Sydney, prices are starting to fall and should continue to drop over coming days.
It is falling slowly but stay out of the servos for as long as you can in Sydney,” Mr Khoury said.

“There are some bargains to be found but they will get better over the next few days.”

In Canberra and Darwin prices are currently sitting around 140 cents per litre and are expected to stay

where they are.

Hobart is slightly higher at 145.3 cents, which is also unlikely to change dramatically over the weekend.

In Victoria, Melbourne’s average price for regular unleaded is 136.6 cents per litre.

This is also falling an will continue to fall throughout the long weekend,” Mr Khoury said.

Adelaide is doing the best in the country so far with average prices around 129 cents per litre.

“So definitely fill up in Adelaide now if you’re heading away.”

Perth is high but will drop significantly with prices expected to fall 30 cents between now and next