Drivers need incentives to increase uptake of electric vehicles in push for more battery-powered cars on the road

MELBOURNE, AustraliaJune 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Schemes that give car owners cash for cars Melbourne-wide have been hugely successful over the years, however, Melbourne auto recycling group Total Auto Recyclers argues that the plan needs to be reworked to encourage drivers to purchase more environmentally friendly electric cars.

In February, the Australian federal government announced a plan to support electric cars — a plan that did not include any financial incentive for motorists to invest in electric cars. The plan involves co-investing in charging infrastructure, trialling a fleet of electric vehicles for COMCAR, updating the Green Vehicle Guide website, and urging energy suppliers to consider management strategies in the case of an overloaded grid. It does not, however, give consumers a tangible reason to trade in their current vehicle for an electric vehicle.

The plan’s release coincided with the U.S. government’s proposed Cash for Clunkers 2.0 scheme; this scheme is a rework of its 2009 Cash for Cars but this time, instead of providing a small financial incentive to swap out old cars, the new scheme would offer motorists a significant discount on electric vehicles if they opt to swap out an old, fuel-driven car in exchange for an electric car. Total Auto Recyclers suggest that incorporating an incentive of the same nature into the Australian plan would provide strong impetus for Australians to purchase an electric vehicle.

The federal government’s plan for electric vehicles also followed an announcement from the Victorian government that regional Victorians will soon be eligible to participate in the cash for clunkers scheme. The aim of the scheme is to clear the roads of old, unsafe cars. This would be an ideal time to try a financial incentive as part of the scheme, says Total Auto Recyclers.

There are multitudes of motivations to put more electric cars on the road: less money spent on petrol imports, decreased reliance on oil as an energy source for transport, better health outcomes, and increased energy security. As the price point for electric vehicles drops, batteries are seeing longer life expectancies, and vehicle rechargers are becoming more efficient, electric vehicles are quickly becoming the logical choice for many Australian motorists. Offering Australians a financial incentive to purchase an electric vehicle will get eco-friendly cars on the roads faster and will have Australia reaping the rewards sooner.

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