As part of the 2021-2022 Employment Guides Pack ACAPMA has released the Retail Fuel Award Summary Poster.  This simple resource is a staff facing communication that can be used as is, or customised to provide staff with clear answers to many simple questions about the operation of the award that applies to fuel retail staff.

“ACAPMA is a registered employer organisation, so we are charged with providing members, those operating fuel retail businesses, with information and assistance around understanding the award and how is needs to be applied at the workplace.  It is a function of an employer organisation that we do not provide advice to employees directly, but in response to requests from members to provide a simple one pager on the key elements of confusion, ACAPMA has produced this simple communique” explains ACAPMAs Executive Manager Employment and Training, Elisha Radwanowski

The Retail Fuel Award Summary Poster covers several of the required communication elements including;

  • identifying the employment instrument (the Award),
  • providing a link to the employment instrument,
  • identifying the classifications that are in use onsite,
  • identifying the wage rate clauses for the classifications that are in use onsite (for both permanent and casual staff),
  • providing a link to the Fair Work Information Statement and
  • providing a link to the Casual Employment Information Statement.

The Poster also includes information on the two areas that cause the most confusion for staff – how crib breaks work and smoking onsite.

“The idea behind the poster is that the business can use the information in the poster to create customised information for their staff, or simply post the poster as is.  The only area of customisation that may be required is if the site actually has a designated smoking area, as some of the very large roadhouse sites do, in which case some modification may be required” explains Elisha.

“The overwhelming message from members is that they are keen to ensure their staff understand their rights and entitlements and want to communicate that in the clearest and most accessible way.  That is why the Poster includes QR Codes that staff can scan to take them directly to the Award or the Fair Work Information Statement or Casual Employment Information Statement” concluded Elisha.

The ACAPMA Guide 2021-2022 – Retail Fuel Award Information Poster is available to all ACAPMA Members now by request to  and will be emailed directly to all members with the completed Guide Pack in the coming weeks.

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM & IR)