The national AAA fuel pricing report for the quarter shows Adelaide has the cheapest unleaded petrol price of any state or territory capital city.

Adelaide has the cheapest unleaded petrol of any capital city, with prices nosediving from the fifth most expensive since real-time fuel pricing was introduced.

The Australian Automobile Association’s fuel pricing report for the final quarter of 2020-21 shows Adelaide was the only capital to record a price drop since mid March when the state government relented to public pressure and provided fuel price data to app developers. RAA spokesman Mark Borlace said motorists’ ability to shop around and save was still in its “early days”, but there were no other explanations for the good result.

“The only change in that period is real-time fuel pricing,’’ he said.

“And since the end of March there has been a 12c/L increase in the wholesale fuel price, so against our trend.

“The next quarter will show the true effect of the data online, or if the retailers have learned how to game the system again and get back to their old habits.

Some of the change could be retailers trying out different discounting strategies and how others are reacting to the availability of immediate data.”

By the end of June, Adelaide’s average unleaded petrol price was 136c/L, well below the highest price, Sydney, which recorded an average of 151c/L.

Real time fuel pricing has so far delivered Adelaide the cheapest unleaded petrol price of any capital city in the country. Picture: AAAReal time fuel pricing has so far delivered Adelaide the cheapest unleaded petrol price of any capital city in the country. Picture: AAA

Mr Borlace said the downward trend of several cents per litre in Adelaide also flew in the face of a 27 per cent increase in cost to retailers of wholesale fuel since January.

That increase has been blamed for every other capital city suffering an increase in bowser prices over the last three months. The most significant increase was in Sydney, where prices for unleaded rose by an average of 5c/L.

United Petroleum chief executive David Szymczak said Adelaide’s naturally competitive market with many independents was the reason for the lower prices – not data available on apps.

“Structurally the reason Adelaide has always been very competitive is that it is relatively easy to drive around Adelaide and the general public do shop around,” he said.

The architect of real-time fuel pricing, Attorney-General Vickie Chapman, was cautiously optimistic about the figures, but said it was too early to know if it was because of her reforms.

“The goal of real-time petrol price monitoring in South Australia is to ensure South Australians have access to data that enables them to find the cheapest locations to purchase petrol at any given time,” she said.

“This is especially important when motorists are looking to purchase fuel at the end of the petrol price cycle.”

Ms Chapman said Consumer and Business Services was monitoring service stations to ensure they were complying with legislation.

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