Leveraging Boomi tech over a number of systems.

Systems integrator Anatas has helped Australian fuel company Ampol overhaul its digital systems, putting an end to its “spaghetti junction” of integrations. +

Jason Frost (Anatas)

Leveraging integration platform-as-a-service (IpaaS) vendor Boomi’s AtomSphere platform, Anatas was recruited to connect systems and data across its supply chain, providing consultancy and architectural guidance.

The new Boomi-based system was developed to replace what Lindsay Hoare, head of technology at Ampol, referred to as a “spaghetti junction” of hundreds of on-premises, point-to-point integrations.

“In an organisation as diverse as Ampol – running hundreds of technology solutions crucial to daily workflows, retail operations, and customer experience initiatives – we needed something in the middle to connect the data being generated,” he said

“We also needed to orchestrate it across the organisation. This became especially important once we started bringing new digital assets to the business.”

Additionally, the fuel company was able to decommission its legacy on-premises data centre and shift operations to the cloud.

Ampol has also built and launched a suite of core reusable integration services with Boomi that has been repurposed hundreds of times according to the vendor, which includes its enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, as well as its customer relationship management (CRM), point-of-sales (POS) and supply chain systems.

Other additions include an integrated bulk fuel ordering process for its commercial fuel customers and a common cyber security framework.

“Bad data causes outages in the integration landscape, which quickly leads to broader business disruption as departments, teams, and customers struggle with the consequences of outdated or missing information,” said Jason Frost, CEO at Anatas.

“As Ampol continues to diversify its services, Boomi provides an incredibly flexible and scalable ‘software glue’ that structures systems and data to stand the test of time and deliver the right information wherever it’s needed.”

Ampol is also onboarding vendors from various electronic data interchange (EDI) gateways onto a single EDI provider to streamline merchandise procurement for its retail network.

“The Boomi AtomSphere Platform is our data gateway; it’s the single entry and exit point for Ampol data, which promotes security because we aren’t forced to make Swiss cheese from our corporate firewall,” Hoare added.

Anatas’ involvement with Ampol comes months after the fuel company announced it brought on Rimini Street to manage its SAP suite.

Extracted in full from: Anatas fuels digital overhaul for Ampol to end ‘spaghetti junction’ – ARN (arnnet.com.au)