Ute driver visits a service station in the heart of Melbourne’s inner city with a sheep and hay in his tray

  • Sheep was spotted in the back of a Ute at a Metro Petrol Station in Melbourne 
  • Unusual scene was snapped Wednesday night and posted on Reddit
  • Sheep appeared unbothered by the change of scenery
  • Reddit users comment on their own encounters with sheep in Melbourne’s city

A sheep has been snapped at a Melbourne city petrol station laying among stacks of hay bales while in the back of a Ute.

The unusual spectacle was uploaded overnight to Reddit which shows the hilarious moment a touch of the country met with metropolitan Melbourne.

‘At the servo in Fitzroy,’ posted the Reddit user.

‘Old mate just casually has a live sheep chilling in the back of his ute’

The user who visited Metro Petrol Station, which is actually located in Carlton, was met with the surprising scene as the sheep appears unbothered by the change of scenery.

Reddit users seemed less phased by the photo, eager to share their own encounters with sheep in Melbourne.

‘There used to be a bloke in Northcote that’d take his sheep for walks on a leash, it was great’ one person commented.

‘There’s a bloke who used to walk his sheep in the CBD a couple years ago,’ the person said.

‘The sheep loves to steal your plastic shopping bags at traffic lights’

One user was quick to point out the obvious purpose behind Utes, writing:

‘Literally the reason the utility was invented was to transport sheep.’

Extracted in full from: Ute driver visits Melbourne Metro petrol station with a sheep and hay | Daily Mail Online