For all the talk, there’s not a lot of walking done when it comes to the posturing around the future of a greener vehicle market with electric vehicles accounting for just 0.48% of the new car sales reported by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries yesterday.

Now, to be clear, these numbers do not include Tesla, a company who run their own race for whatever reason, meaning we don’t know how many EVs were really sold in June or any month prior. However, even if Tesla were selling 2,000 a month, it’s barely a blip on the radar.

In defence of buyers and dealers, the subsidies announced by NSW don’t really kick in until later this year, but for a powertrain that gets so much of the headlines to get so little response inside dealerships really is telling.

The Kia Niro was the best seller (that we know of) – with 98 units registered. Now a lot of those would be evaluation models and dealer first deliveries, but still, it counts. Likewise the Mercedes Benz EQA which we only drove last week and can’t yet even tell you about accounts for 35 of the 526 EV cars.

Porsche Taycan continues to dominate, with 43 sold, 369 sold this year – that’s huge coin and rightly so for a phenomenal electric car, let alone sports car.

Mercedes EQC trails the Audi e-tron 15-12, while the Nissan Leaf just keeps going with 48 sold.

Jaguar are in need of a refresh with just 2 iPace models sold, while we don’t get EV breakdowns on the Hyundai Ioniq, MG ZS, Hyundai Kona, Volvo, Mazda or Mini EV models.

We’ve got a long long way to go if we’re going to have an impact, especially on the environment, given 315 Chevy Silverado’s were sold last month, and 579 RAM 1500 – two of the biggest gas guzzling Utes you can buy:)

Extracted in full from: Electric Vehicles account for 0.48% of new car sales in June 2021 » EFTM