Sydney-based Anatas has been tapped to upgrade the systems of Australian petroleum company Ampol to Boomi’s cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

Anatas, one of the MSPs that form FTS Group, replaced Ampol’s disparate legacy systems it had been using for years with Boomi’s AtomSphere on-demand cloud integration platform, to help connect cloud to on-premises applications and data.

Ampol, formerly known as Caltex Australia, sought to become an agile organisation that is able to adapt to fast-changing market conditions and customer demands from its 80,000 business customers every year and three million retail customers every week.

The upgrade was part of the company’s multi-year strategy that required a major cloud migration and replacing legacy on-premises systems with SaaS applications.

It’s been an evolving journey with Ampol and we had a very strong partnership after we convinced them that we were the trusted set of hands to help Ampol go on the migration journey,” Anatas chief executive Jason Frost told CRN.

“Ampol wanted to replace its legacy systems as those were not keeping up with business agility, and wanted a solution to address that. [Ampol] had built a number of prototypes in the last four years that in the past would have taken months or quarters to implement and now it takes days to weeks.”

Ampol head of technology Lindsay Hoare called the company’s old systems a “spaghetti junction” as those had hundreds of on-premises, point-to-point integrations.

“In an organisation as diverse as Ampol – running hundreds of technology solutions crucial to daily workflows, retail operations, and customer experience initiatives – we needed something in the middle to connect the data being generated,” Hoare said.

“We also needed to orchestrate it across the organisation. This became especially important once we started bringing new digital assets to the business.”

Ampol also built and launched a suite of core reusable integration services with Boomi. The company had repurposed the services several times, enabling critical business functions and linking core business applications, including the ERP platform, CRM, point-of-sales, and supply chain systems.

One of Ampol’s first Boomi projects was to implement an integrated bulk fuel ordering process for its commercial fuel customers.

“The Boomi AtomSphere Platform is our data gateway; it’s the single entry and exit point for Ampol data, which promote s security because we aren’t forced to make Swiss cheese from our corporate firewall,” Hoare added.

“Boomi’s reusability and service-driven architecture has helped us deliver new services to stakeholders much faster, reduced integration costs, and increased reliability as we’ve eliminated extensive manual data entry from our employees’ workflows.”

Anatas assisted Ampol with specialist integration, consulting expertise, resources, and architectural guidance.

Anatas’ Jason Frost said, “Bad data causes outages in the integration landscape, which quickly leads to broader business disruption as departments, teams, and customers struggle with the consequences of outdated or missing information.”

“As Ampol continues to diversify its services, Boomi provides an incredibly flexible and scalable ‘software glue’ that structures systems and data to stand the test of time and deliver the right information wherever it’s needed.”

Extracted in full from: Sydney’s Anatas deploys Boomi to petrol giant Ampol – Services – CRN Australia