Ampol has taken its first major step in the rollout of a national network of electric vehicle fast-charging systems that CEO Matt Halliday says is an important pillar in the petrol and diesel supplier’s lean towards electricity as part of its decarbonisation strategy.

Ampol was one of five companies to share almost $25 million of funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency to install fast-charging networks with the aim of speeding up the adoption of electric cars.

Ampol CEO Matt Halliday is leading a roll-out of EV charging stations at petrol stations

The $7.05 million grant to Ampol will cover about a third of the $20 million cost of delivering fast-charging bays at more than 100 sites across the company’s network of petrol stations. The sites will include Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth as well as regional centres such as Newcastle, Gold Coast and Geelong.

“We see our retail infrastructure as critical for the uptake of electric vehicles, leveraging those convenience sites and that infrastructure to provide solutions for customers,” Mr Halliday told AFR Weekend.

“It’s that enabling infrastructure that is an important part of the strategy to get people and customers comfortable with purchasing an electric vehicle.“