Artificial Intelligence company Empati has commissioned Black & Veatch to study the feasibility of using distributed production of green hydrogen to fuel vehicle fleets.

Black & Veatch will provide an economic, logistical and technical assessment of onsite, on-demand hydrogen production’s potential as a fuel for fleet operators seeking to decarbonise.

The company says that hydrogen is a proven vehicle fuel and that green hydrogen offers fleet operators a route to achieving decarbonisation targets. The convention is for centralized hydrogen production, then transportation for storage at fleet depots or filling stations.

lack & Veatch will seek to confirm that small-scale distributed hydrogen production at the point of use offers a viable alternative in achieving competitive price points.

“We will establish the technical requirements and the economic model for distributed renewable generation to power small-scale on-site hydrogen production,” said Jonathan Cristiani, Advanced Power Fuels Engineer, Black & Veatch. “Because commercial viability requires a supply chain capable of supporting a network of distributed green hydrogen facilities, our study addresses the entire ‘hydrogen ecosystem,’ not just the technology.”

The study, undertaken by Black & Veatch’s Hydrogen Technology Group, will build upon the company’s past experience developing hydrogen filling station infrastructure. The study will be carried out along with a collaborative project to integrate Empati’s AI platform with Black & Veatch’s Asset 360 platform.

“We see green hydrogen as a digital fuel that is a perfect fit for a decentralized set-up such as networks of filling stations or fleet depots. We look to deploy our technology globally, partnering with the most innovative companies across the hydrogen supply chain,” said Gopal Ramchurn, Co-CEO, Empati. “As a technology agnostic partner with real-world experience in hydrogen – and every point in the lifecycle of distributed power and alternative vehicle fuel infrastructure – Black & Veatch is ideally placed to help us do that.”

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