The owner, who does not wish to be named, said they had five people through their doors before 1pm on Tuesday, before Melbourne’s extended stay-at-home orders were announced on Wednesday.

The petrol station owner said if the state government wanted to keep Melburnians out of regional areas, a ring of steel was needed.

“This is not similar to the ring of steel,” they said. “The ring of steel actually worked, but there is no policing this time and people are just doing what they want”

As part of the new lockdown measures businesses that are open in regional Victoria but closed in Melbourne, such as restaurants and beauty salons, must check the IDs of customers to ensure patrons are following the Chief Health Officer’s orders.

City dwellers trying to flee Melbourne and drive to regional areas will face fines upwards of $5000 as about 200 police are deployed to main and back roads across the state.

Bendigo police are using specialist number plate technology to ensure the region remains safe by detecting vehicles attempting to leave Melbourne without a valid reason.

The central Victorian petrol station owner said they’re trying to do the right thing for their community.

“If someone comes in from Melbourne and they don’t have a permit to be in regional Victoria, I ask them to leave as they are breaking the law,” they said.

“The Melbourne people I’ve had to kick out of my shop aren’t giving a valid reason as to why they’re here.

“I’ve asked if they’re here for work, if they have a permit to be here etc and they don’t.

“They’re saying that there is no ring of steel, so they can do they want and they are.”

Extracted in full from: Central Victorian petrol station owner reports Melburnians fleeing lockdown to regions | Bendigo Advertiser | Bendigo, VIC