Get to the fuel pump now Gold Coasters, we’re headed for another petrol price hike and this one’s going to be BIG.

The RACQ is warning that prices are about to soar to a new high of $1.76 for unleaded petrol.

Some servos have begun the hike up now, but some are still selling cheap so motorists are being urged to get in quick.

Brisbane, Ipswich & the Gold Coast are now in the price hiking phase of the fuel cycle,” the RACQ’s warning reads.

“Around 40 servos in Brisbane has bumped up prices to a new high of 176.9cpl for ULP.

“The expensive sites are around North Lakes, Ipswich and Upper Coomera.”

The RACQ says if you can buy for under $1.40, get in quick.

Extracted in full from: Price of petrol to soar to new HIGH on the Gold Coast –