As electric vehicles (EVs) roll out in ever increasing numbers throughout Australia, it is inevitable that some areas will have, for a while, a greater percentage of EVs than others.

(At least until they reach the point of being the only vehicle type around and internal combustion ones relegated to being the future ‘barn finds’ by our grandchildren).

In the meantime, to work out how patchy the distribution of EVs is now, the two main electricity network operators  in Queensland (Ergon and Energex) have just kicked off a campaign for Queensland EV owners to find out where they are, as well as how those EVs are being charged.

In return for registering your EV with them, you will go into a draw for $6,000 worth of gift cards being given away between August 1, 2021 and january 31, 2022.

(This is at the rate of two $500 cards per month. By the way, all entries picked go back into the draw for potential further wins – so it is suggested that you register early for more chances to win!)

The reason? As their press release puts it:

Electric vehicle (EV) charging is forecast to become a significant component of the total residential electricity demand in Queensland by 2030. If EV charging is well managed, it could deliver benefits to EV owners, electricity network operators like us, others in the electricity supply chain, governments and communities. To help us manage EV charging on our network, we need a good understanding of where, when and how EVs are being charged in Queensland.

So how does it work? To find the competition details, terms and conditions and make an entry – visit the Ergon or Energex websites (depending on which region you live in) as listed below.

People living in the Ergon network region:

Extracted in full from: Prizes offered to locate EV ownership and home charging in Queensland (