Titan Hydrogen is progressing its efforts to bring its innovative hydrogen fuel cell technologies to the market by teaming with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

This includes a technology that will help reduce the cost of travel and another technology that will allow hydrogen injection into diesel engines.

In achieving this aim, Titan Hydrogen believe that it will lead to an acceleration into the adoption of hydrogen fuel cells.

QUT has been identified as the perfect partner to bring these technologies to the market with the University having the necessary equipment and skills to do so.

Securing the project with QUT will ensure that development of Titan’s hydrogen fuel cell is supported by state-of-the-art advanced electrochemical systems and a new scanning electrochemical system providing the ability to measure electrochemical and corrosion events on the micron scale.

Titan Hydrogen also has a patent application pending for its hydrogen fuel cell technology that will enable a much more rapid uptake of commercial vehicles fuelled by hydrogen.

The group state that there currently is no hydrogen-fuelled trucks or buses in commercial use in Australia.

To help increase its efficiency, Titan is also undertaking a pre-IPO raise as it progresses its goal of launching an IPO and becoming a publicly listed company either later this year or in early 2022.

Dr. Andrew Dicks, Chief Technology Officer at Titan Hydrogen, said, “Titan holds the patent application to a revolutionary technology that improves the efficiency and reduces consumption of hydrogen of existing fuel cells, making their use much more viable.

“Not only will we be able to manufacture a more efficient fuel cell for trucks and other large engines, we will be able to licence our technology for use by car manufacturers.

“The development will investigate the fundamental processes occurring within fuel cells using both electrochemistry and analytical techniques to validate fully the Titan fuel cell concept in which a novel nano-structured membrane is at the heart of the fuel cell.

“The aim of the work is to create a new type of hydrogen fuel cell that is not limited by losses caused by the high overpotentials experienced in currently available devices.”

Titan Hydrogen aiming to accelerate worldwide hydrogen fuel cell adoption with innovative technologies

Titan Hydrogen is paving the way forward in zero-emission mobility with its innovative “disruptive” hydrogen technology which could radically change the landscape for hydrogen-fuelled transportation around the world.

The Australian-based company is developing two game-changing technologies that improve fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Titan Hydrogen is working to create more efficient fuel cells through its new “disruptive” fuel cells that the company says are capable of doubling the driving range of a vehicle, helping to reduce the cost to the consumer and eliminate the need for as many hydrogen refuelling stations.

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Extracted in full from: Titan Hydrogen progressing its innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology with a new collaboration (h2-view.com)