Feel like you’ve been seeing more electric vehicles (EVs) on the road during your daily commute? It’s not just you.

Once an option of the distant future, EVs have become the new transport option of choice. In one of the fastest growing markets for EVs globally, 85% of all new vehicles sold in Norway in July 2021, were electric*.

While half of prospective car-buyers will consider an EV when choosing their next car**, some misconceptions are still clouding the bright spark in our zero-emission transport future.

Bede Doherty, Electric Vehicle Fleet Acceleration Lead from ActewAGL, believes that perspectives in the capital region are changing, but some Canberrans enthusiasm is curbed by old ideas about EVs.

They’re actually affordable.

One misconception is that EVs are expensive—reserved only for the executives, celebs and eco-minded moguls.

To purchase and run an EV is, in some cases, cheaper when compared to a petrol vehicle. What’s more, there are several generous ACT government schemes to encourage more people to switch their cars.

When it comes to the ongoing running costs, Bede says, “the cost of electricity to power an EV is about one quarter of the cost of fuel, and the servicing costs are also much, much lower”.

Plus, if you’re one of the many Canberrans who have installed a solar system at your home, you may even be able leverage your integrated energy eco system to charge up for free.

You don’t fill up, you top up nightly.

Kiss goodbye to frosty mornings at the fuel station!

Right from the comfort of your own abode, every day you’ll wake up to a fully charged EV holding a range of approximately 6–10 hours of continuous urban driving. So, rather than ‘filling up’ your EV, you’re topping it up every night—and be ready to go the next day.

Public chargers are at the ready.

Another misconception is the fear of being stranded out and about, and unable to recharge.

“The reality is, public chargers are a bit like having a backup 5-litre can of emergency petrol in your car,” says Bede.

Little do people know, easy-to-use public charging stations are already dappled across the ACT and surrounds—with more just around the corner. There are currently 10 operational charging stations across seven locations in the capital region.

To bring even more public charging sites to the locations in ACT and NSW, ActewAGL has recently partnered with national charging network provider, Evie Networks, to give the nation’s capital a further charging boost.

Your public charging experience will be integrated into your daily routine. Charge up while you shop, work, do your groceries, or even while you take your weekly walk around Lake Burley Griffin.

Smarter electricity use.

Did you know that you can now bundle your home electricity with your EV? ActewAGL are offering the equivalent of 4000 km free charging each year, a discount on gas charges and a free electricity meter upgrade.

This is all part of their ‘EVolve plan’, which enables both ACT and NSW residential customers to maximise the EV investment with free drive time. Visit actewagl.com.au to see what’s possible.

The future is bright.

ActewAGL plans to play a meaningful part of that future. While they steer our region towards a more electric future now, with more public charging infrastructure and tailored energy solutions, they plan to hit the accelerator very soon, using their local knowledge and expertise to empower even more Canberrans make the switch.

Extracted in full from: Why more Canberrans are making the electric vehicle switch | HerCanberra