Buyers of electric vehicles in New South Wales can now enjoy some of Australia’s most generous incentives from today (September 1), incuding rebates and stamp duty concessions will help slash the purchase cost of an electric vehicle.

In June, New South Wales government announced in that it will provide rebates of $3000 for the first 25,000 electric vehicles sold in the state. To be eligible for the rebate, the purchase price of the vehicle needs to be under $68,750, with the policy designed to improve the affordability of electric vehicles.

The NSW government will also waive stamp duty fees on electric vehicles that cost less than $78,000, which could take total savings to more than $5,000 off the up front cost of an EV.

Eligibility for both of these incentives starts today (September 1), with electric vehicle buyers to become eligible for a refund of both the rebate and stamp duty waiver once backdated legislation is passed through parliament.

Check out a list of electric vehicle models set to benefit from the new NSW incentives

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