The Goondiwindi petrol station located on a major highway has been listed as a contact venue for Covid.

A Goondiwindi service station has been revealed as a Covid exposure site by the State Government, with anyone who entered within the same window urged to self-isolate and get tested for the virus.

Queensland Health’s contact tracing register has listed a close contact and casual contact with the virus at the Goondiwindi BP Truckstop at 11/11 Cunningham Highway between 1.51pm and 2.21pm on Wednesday, September 8.

Anyone who has been at this location within the timeframe must immediately return to their home or accommodation and quarantine, then get a Covid test at their earliest opportunity.

They must also complete the State Government’s contact tracing form and remain at home until contacted by Queensland Health, even if they receive a negative test result.

The Goondiwindi petrol station is one of nine new Covid contact sites listed on Wednesday, with Queensland recording one new case in the past 24 hours.

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Extracted in full from: Goondiwindi BP Truckstop on Cunningham Highway named as Covid hotspot | The Courier Mail