A Children’s Court judge has warned a 17-year-old who threatened to stab a service station attendant who suspected him of stealing that he could have faced jail if he was 18.

A teenager who threatened to stab a lone night-time service station attendant, who suspected him of stealing, has been sentenced in a children’s court to six months’ probation.

The juvenile boy, who turns 18 next month, had previously been sentenced to nine months’ probation for 49 offences, including three counts of threatening violence.

He had threatened a person at a skate park with a screwdriver and pliers and threatened to stab a man in a pizza shop and a woman at a swimming pool, each time with a pocket knife.

The boy pleaded guilty in Queensland Children’s Court on Wednesday to threatening violence at night and stealing two cans of deodorant and a can of soft drink from a Caltex service station.

After the teenager entered the Rothwell service station at 9pm on February 12, the attendant thought he saw, on CCTV, that he was putting items in his pocket.

When the attendant asked him to empty his pockets, the teenager said: “Don’t f… with me, I’ll f…ing stab you,” and lunged at him, the court heard.

The prosecutor said the attendant feared that the teenager had a weapon in his pocket and later it was found that he had a screwdriver.

After the attendant told the teenager to leave, the offender said he was “coming very close to stabbing someone’’.

After the attendant pressed the emergency button, the teenager stole two cans of deodorant and a soft drink can and left, but was found by police a short distance away.

He had committed the offences while still on a good behaviour bond for burglary, unlawful use of a motor vehicle and other offences, the court heard.

The 17-year-old’s mother had died years earlier, he had no contact with his father and lived with his maternal grandmother.

He had done a traineeship, he was involved in boxing and his uncle had offered to assist him with an Indigenous cultural program, his defence counsel said.

Judge Anthony Rafter told the juvenile, who was wearing a shirt with a “Deadly Choices” logo, that if he had committed the offences after he turned 18 he would have faced a very real prospect of going to jail.

The judge said the offences were serious, but the teenager had many things going for him and he had a lot of support in the community.

He sentenced the teenager to six months’ probation and did not record a conviction.

Extracted in full from: A 17-year-old with a history of threatening violence has been given probation for threatening to stab a Caltex service station attendant. | The Courier Mail