Guy Barnett,Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction

The Tasmanian Liberal Government’s Renewable Hydrogen Action Plan is the blueprint for Tasmania to become a global leader in large-scale renewable hydrogen production by 2030.

Renewables Tasmania has undertaken an Industry Activation Study to identify projects that can stimulate local hydrogen demand.

This study is key to Tasmania realising our renewable Hydrogen potential and making it a reality.

The Tasmanian Government has approved up to $12.3 million from the $50 million Tasmanian Renewable Hydrogen Industry Development Funding Program to progress recommendations from the Study.

Funding will be available for up to three hydrogen buses by Metro Tasmania for a period of up to five years.

Discussions are well advanced with the Blue Economy CRC to support this work through its 700 kW hydrogen electrolyser, planned to be available in the first half of 2022.

This complements the 2021-22 Tasmanian Budget announcement of $6 million in equity investment for a Metro Tasmania electric bus trial.

Funding will be available to investigate hydrogen trucks in collaboration with the Tasmanian Transport Association, and for hydrogen marine vessels, with potential demonstrations to follow. Work on a hydrogen refuelling strategy and the use of hydrogen for heating applications is also supported.

In November 2020, Tasmania achieved its status of being 100 per cent self-sufficient in renewable electricity generation, and we have a nation-leading target to achieve 200 per cent by 2040.

Green hydrogen delivered by Tasmania’s renewable energy has the potential to be a key player in decarbonising the world’s environment and Tasmania is at the forefront of this technology push.

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Extracted in full from: Taking Tasmania’s Hydrogen industry from potential to reality | Mirage News