Elise Archer,Minister for Workplace Safety and Consumer Affairs

The Tasmanian Government is committed to reducing the cost of living for all Tasmanians and the latest ACCC quarterly report on fuel prices has confirmed Tasmania is closing the gap on the rest of the country.

Average prices in Hobart over the 2020-21 period were 132.1cpl – lower than Melbourne, with the gap between what Tasmanians pay for fuel compared to other states continuing to narrow.

The report also confirmed that despite prices being on the rise globally and across the country, Tasmanian fuel prices have not been subjected to sharp price spikes and high prices when compared to interstate prices over the 2020-21 reporting period.

The price of fuel has been a cause of frustration for many Tasmanian motorists and this is good news, demonstrating the importance of the Government’s ‘Fuel Check TAS’ app and website that is delivering a more transparent and competitive retail fuel industry, by helping Tasmanian motorists find the cheapest fuel in their area, in real time.

As more and more people become aware of the FuelCheck app, we expect the Scheme will continue to put downward pressure on retail fuel prices and discourage significant price increases at the bowser.

The FuelCheck TAS app is free and available to download on both the Apple and Android app stores.

Extracted in  full from: Tasmanian fuel prices heading in right direction | Mirage News