Calls are growing for Australia to follow California‘s lead in banning petrol powered garden equipment to get users to move to electric alternatives.

In California, petrol powered lawn mowers, leaf blowers and similar gardening equipment is soon to be made illegal to cut down noise pollution and air pollution.

The founder of Planet Ark wants Australia to do the same.

There is a push to ban petrol powered lawnmowers. (Nine)
“It makes a lot of sense for Australia to follow California’s lead on this,” John Dee said.
He said electrical appliances were a much better alternative to the traditional petrol powered version.

“They’re quieter, cleaner, and they’re certainly a lot quieter on a Sunday morning.”

Gary Hertog at Jim’s Mowing is already using all electric equipment and he advises others do the same.

Petrol powered mowers are much louder than electrical ones. (Getty)
“Everything about it far outweighs petrol. Having to pull start a petrol mower 15 to 20 times a day as opposed to a single push of a button.”

According to environmentalists, an hour spent using a petrol leaf blower emits the same level of pollution as driving a car from Melbourne to Brisbane.