It’s been a strange month for Vivian Sawatzki — she had to visit a petrol station.

She and her husband bought their first electric car just before Christmas.

But last month it was hit by a truck. And while it’s being repaired, they’ve been driving a petrol car.

“It’s been interesting reverting back to that pattern of going to top up for fuel. We haven’t really enjoyed it,” Ms Sawatzki said.

“Having to keep an eye on whether we’re at the bottom of the cycle or the top of the cycle seems really odd to me.”

Drivers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane are scrambling to find cheaper petrol stations to fill up as fuel prices climb to record highs.

Watching petrol prices is something Ms Sawatzki and her husband used to do all the time.

The suburban Brisbane couple churn through cars, buying a new one every three years, but they’ve made a conscious choice to be a one-car household.

“My husband is pretty fastidious about cars. He can quote you how many kilometres we did a week because he was watching petrol prices and how much petrol the cars consume,” she said.

So when it came to buying the latest new car — the fourth in their relationship — they decided to go electric with an entry-level Tesla.