Over the last 18 months as customers have pointed their frustration at retail fuel staff, ACAPMA has provided resources and guidance to operators to assist staff in preparing for and addressing aggressive customers.  As the general aggression continues to rise and specific areas face mounting aggression and security incidents, ACAPMA has developed an online mini module that further arms staff with de-escalation techniques and aggression combating behaviours.  Much like the ACAPMA COVID-19 Awareness Course that was launched in May 2020, ACAPMA is making the Aggression Mini Module available to the industry, free of charge.

“Unacceptable and Un-Australian, that is the only way to describe the continuing tide of customer aggression that retail staff are facing nation wide.  After a long 18 months of fear, change, rules and stress customers are taking their frustrations out on retail staff.  In the fuel industry these are staff that have turned up, every day throughout the pandemic, to ensure that the community was able to access this essential service…and now they are copping a serve from frustrated customers every single day.  And it is going beyond eye rolling and name calling, with some instances and incidents triggering taskforce responses” explains ACAPMAs Elisha Radwanowski.

The issue of aggression is not new, a few short weeks into the pandemic panic buying and fear caused a wave of aggression that was not only front page news, but front of mind for all essential retail workers – https://acapmag.com.au/2020/04/aggression-is-not-on-managing-customer-aggression-onsite/ and https://acapmag.com.au/2021/09/dis-respect-in-retail/.  However the now extremely sustained and sometimes increasing nature of this wave of aggression has resulted in many incidents and a growing feeling of unease with workers.  Some areas, like the Northern Territory, are facing situations that go well beyond aggression and into Security Situations –  https://acapmag.com.au/2021/11/acapma-retail-security-forum-calls-for-nt-taskforce/

 “The ACAPMA Retail Security Forum is actively working with the Northern Territory stakeholders on addressing those elevated concerns, however there was a keen desire to provide dedicated, industry specific aggression training for all staff nationally.  Aggression is included in the ACAPMA Petroleum Convenience Compliance course, which reaches almost 20,000 staff, but aggression is woven throughout the more detailed Security and Armed Robbery Module.  This mini module on Aggression is targeted and focused on understanding, curbing and responding to aggression” continued Elisha.

 “The full Petroleum Convenience Compliance or PCC course covers everything from tobacco compliance to workplace rights, forecourt safety, food handling, LPG safety, fire response, competition compliance and environmental management, as well as the security and armed robbery module.  Averaging at about 6 hours the PCC is a detailed immersive online course that is designed to provide new and experienced console operators with an understanding of the compliance requirements as well as the risks, hazards and controls when working on a fuel site.  The Aggression Mini Module is not as detailed or lengthy, but does serve as a focused exploration of real world strategies that staff can use, and the very real situations they face in a fuel retail environment.  From fuel prices, to masks, to stock outages, aggression, like most things in our industry, is a bit different when fuel is involved” Elisha added.

 “ACAPMAs suite of custom training products is available at discounted prices for members, but this mini module will be available free to the industry” concluded Elisha.

 To register for access to the ACAPMA Aggression Mini Module email training@acapma.com.au

 For more information on the ACAPMA Petroleum Convenience Compliance (PCC) course see; https://acapma.com.au/training/

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)