Sales of electric cars are trending upwards in South Australia, but range anxiety, supply and price continue to be major barriers for drivers.

Motor Trades Association SA chief executive officer Paul Unerkov said electric vehicle sales were increasing in South Australia as more models hit the market at the lower price range.

But he said range anxiety continued to be a major hurdle, particularly in regional areas.

“However, supply is becoming an issue with manufactures choosing to send electric vehicles to markets with greater incentives,” Mr Unerkov said.

“The limit in the availability of electronic chips is preventing significant increases in supply.”

Mr Unerkov said there was some confusion on those impacts, as the modelling that was used to determine the tax and incentives had not yet been released.

“With 72,000 new car sales expected in South Australia this year, we have a long way to go to reach the state government’s target of all new passenger vehicles sold in South Australia to be fully electric by 2035.”

Motel charging station a hit

Man stands with charging station
Mount Gambier motel operator Michael Kosch says the charging station is used regularly by electric car owners.(ABC South East SA: Jack D Evans)

Mount Gambier motel operator Michael Kosch said a number of electric car owners were using the facility’s charging station.

He predicted the charging station would be busier once the South Australian border reopened.

“I think certainly the eastern states, predominantly Victoria, have got a higher take-up of electric vehicles and I’m sure that from November 23 we’re going to see a lot more of those,” Mr Kosch said.

Electric cars charging ahead

Mount Gambier car dealer Peter Gazzard said sales of electric cars were climbing in the region.

We’ve sold some Mercedes electric cars. At the moment, I think it’s the tip of the iceberg,” Mr Gazzard said.

“You know, it’s about to take off.”

While there were some concerns among consumers over range and the number of charging stations, he said more charging stations were being rolled out.

“So, you just need to plan your trip. And a lot of these new cars, they charge up to about 80 per cent very quickly. They are fast charge.”

Mr Gazzard said the cost of electric cars was likely to fall.

man stands with car
Gambier Mount Car Dealer Peter Gazzard with an electric car.(ABC South East SA: Jack Evans )

“It’ll come down, but once you get it, it’s very cheap to run. You haven’t got the servicing costs,” he said.

Regarding the proposed 2.5 cents per kilometre tax on electric vehicles, he said this should not deter buyers.

“It’s only a couple of hundred dollars for most people a year.”

Extracted in full from: Electric car sales charging upwards in SA, but range anxiety a barrier for regional residents – ABC News