Prime Minister Scott Morrison has argued the Labor Party have a “sneaky petrol tax”.

The Labor Party wants to “change fuel emissions standards” according to Mr Morrison – a claim which opposition leader Anthony Albanese disputed, saying the Prime Minister was making up policies for his party.

Mr Morrison said fuel prices under the Liberal government of the past eight years has increased by 1.8 per cent – whereas they rose 2.6 per cent while the Labor Party were in government.

“I can understand why the leader of the opposition … is sensitive on the issue of sneaky taxes,” Mr Morrison said.
“The carbon tax wouldn’t happen under a Labor government, would it?”

The prime minister said the Coalition government has put in place “economic policy settings” and “excellent fuel security initiatives,” which would further prohibit a rise in fuel prices.

Extracted in full from: Labor’s ‘sneaky petrol tax’ | Sky News Australia