Plans for a BP service station as part of Karrinyup Shopping Centre’s major refurbishment have been slightly amended to improve service vehicle access.

The $2.1m million service station was initially approved for the corner of Francis Avenue and Karrinyup Road in 2015, despite not being supported by the City of Stirling.

Stirling officers had argued the location at the entry statement for the shopping centre site was not an appropriate land use.

The site is currently occupied by temporary site offices and materials associated with the shopping centre redevelopment.

Returning to the Metro Inner-North Joint Development Assessment Panel last week, the amended application included moving the service station building forward to abut Karrinyup Road, reconfiguring the car parking areas and modifying the access for service vehicles to enter only via Francis Avenue and exit via Karrinyup Road.

During public consultation on the amendment, 11 submissions were received including 10 objections.

Plans for a new BP service station have been amended.
Plans for a new BP service station have been amended. Credit: Hodge Collard Preston Architects

Concerns included increased traffic and congestion, a service station not being an iconic entry statement and the safety of vehicle users and pedestrians.

However, the meeting report reiterated the service station land use had already been approved, and the amendment was to provide a “simpler and improved access arrangement for service vehicles” including 19m semi-trailer refuelling tankers.

At the meeting, Josh Watson, of Planning Solutions, also said queuing analysis showed the proposal would be able to function during peak times without traffic banking up.

The amendment was approved 4-1, with Stirling councillor Felicity Farrelly concerned the changes were too significant for just an amendment and a new development application should be required.

However, Stirling officers at the meeting said the changes were minor, with the “nature and function primarily the same and just an internal modification” and new conditions could address any concerns.

These include fuel tanker deliveries to be made between 9.30pm and 6am, the construction of at least 20 car bays, which includes the refuelling bays, and a detailed landscape plan including four advanced trees.

Extracted in full from: Minor changes approved for BP service station in Karrinyup Shopping Centre redevelopment | PerthNow