Petrol prices reached a record high today in Sydney and are predicted to continue rising.
Sydneysiders are being warned to fill up now before prices sky-rocket next week.
Some suburbs today saw the highest daily price the city has ever seen.
“It has been the year of petrol price records and we want that to stop,” Peter Khoury, from NRMA, said.
From Mosman to Neutral Bay in Sydney’s North Shore, premium unleaded reached a record-breaking $2.169 a litre.
Prices were slightly lower in the city’s west and south-west.
A standard tank of premium unleaded in Mosman today would cost $120 compared to Yagoona where a standard tank of regular unleaded would cost $80 – a difference of $40 a tank.
“They’re high, they’ve been high all year and they’re about to get worse,” Mr Khoury said.
Petrol prices are expected to jump by 15 cents on Sunday.
It comes as the city moves away from the bottom of the petrol price cycle.
“They are going to jump considerably possibly above $1.74 which means that Sydney will break its record for the third time this year,” Mr Khoury said.
Experts have advised people to fill up as soon as possible and to use cheaper fuel varieties.
“It’s really important drivers fill up today, tomorrow, Sunday at the latest,” Mr Khoury said.
Oil prices have dropped slightly, so there is hope of relief before Christmas.