As QR codes have become part of almost every element of our lives, and Checkin In is part of staying safe WorkSafe VIC is pleading with retail fuel operators to remember that Pumps and Phones Don’t Mix.  In a recent plea the Regulator has sought to remind operators that enthusiastic compliance with Health Orders and encouragement of the use of Check In apps is a wonderful thing, but that it has no place on the forecourt.

In speaking to ACAPMA WorkSafe VIC has made the call to industry to remember that phones remain an ignition source and must be actively prevented from use in the hazardous zones around the pumps.  They noted that while it is excellent to see the enthusiasm some sites have for complying with the Health Orders, this can not result in putting Check In posters on the pumps as it is encouraging the introduction of an ignition source into a hazardous zone and preventing the introduction of ignition sources into hazardous zones is one of the key tasks of any console operator.

 “While it is not common to see Check In posters on the pumps, we have seen it.  It is usually a sign of an operator who is simply trying to comply with the health orders, but the safety requirements of AS1940 are clear, no ignition sources can be allowed to be introduced into the hazardous zones around the pumps, and this absolutely includes phones” explains ACAPMAs Elisha Radwanowski.

 “As technology, and customers familiarity and comfort with it, increases it is becoming more and more natural to place QR codes for offers, information and payments at the interaction points with customers, and in most industries this natural inclination is not only fine, it is encouraged, but in a dangerous goods setting it is just that, dangerous and prohibited by law.  So all retail fuel businesses should be confining QR codes to the shop” continued Elisha.

 “There is a middle ground to chart that the payment at pump apps have charted well, which is signage and promotion of the app or offer, but with a clear instruction that the phone use should be in the car.  Large print alphanumeric codes like ABC123, instead of a QR code, that are on the signage on the pumps and can be inputted into the app while safely in the car that allow the app to know which location and pump the customer is trying to pay for, are a great solution that has been implemented” noted Elisha.

 “With COVID Check In we have seen a number of businesses place reminders to Check In on the pumps that do not have the QR Code printed ‘don’t forget to Checkin instore’ which is another way of achieving the goal safely” concluded Elisha.

 Whatever the intention, enthusiastic compliance with health orders, or product promotion, pumps and phones don’t mix.

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR