A middle-aged man has been caught on camera brazenly walking into an eastern Sydney petrol station naked to pay for fuel.

Footage posted online shows a cashier serving customers at Edgecliff BP, on New South Head Road, on Thursday when a clothes-less man waltzes up to the front till.

The man, who appears to be aged in his mid 50s to early 60s, can be seen nonchalantly using his phone to tap and pay for petrol as the shocked attendant avoids eye contact.

After the brief transaction, the nudist swiftly turns around and walks back to his car.

One other worker was in the store during the bizarre encounter, while several other customers were outside refuelling around the time the man was also using the pump.

The video was obtained by Bruno Bouchet, the manager of radio king and KIIS 106.5 co-host Kyle Sandilands, before being shared on Twitter.

Mr Bouchet told Daily Mail Australia the encounter made the attendant lost for words.

‘He thought it was crazy like anyone else,’ Mr Bouchet said.

‘But there was no conversation about what was happening.

‘He [the attendant] was concerned he wasn’t wearing a mask, but he was shocked and wanted to be professional, so didn’t say anything.’

Mr Bouchet said the time of day or the reason for the explicit incident remain a mystery – but he and Sandilands will continue to investigate the unusual incident on air on Monday.

‘It is sort of one of those stories where there are so many more questions to be answered.’

Extracted in full from: Brazen moment man waltzes into a Edgecliff Sydney service station NAKED | Daily Mail Online