Evee, Australia’s only electric car sharing platform, says it car sharing options have more than doubled in the past year and it now boasts more than 100 EVs available for rent in all capital cities and regional centres such as the Gold Coast, Cairns, and Alice Springs.

“We’re excited to have reached this important milestone for the first time since launching in 2016,” said Slava Kozlovskii, founder and CEO of Evee.

“What’s even more exciting is that over 50 of these vehicles joined the platform in 2021 alone. It is clear that Australia has entered the rapid EV adoption trajectory and we are looking forward to further accelerating the trend.”

Evee is aiming to accelerate the overall adoption of EVs in Australia through the creation of a service that connects curious renters with existing EV owners who are passionate about their cars and the wider EV movement.

In addition to providing an avenue through which people can rent an EV – and providing EV owners an opportunity to make an income off their EV, thereby helping to reduce the cost of ownership – Evee also serves as a gateway for renters to purchase an EV.

The news follows less than a year after Evee saw increased demand on its platform.

“The demand for electric cars is unprecedented and despite the lack of government policy, Australians are ready to drive, experience, and buy EVs – we’re hearing this directly from our customers,” said Kozlovskii, speaking in May 2021.

“After an unpredictable start to 2020, we’re proud to make a strong comeback in 2021 with Evee’s growth now exceeding our pre-Covid levels. We have worked hard to expand our offering to connect EV owners with eco-conscious drivers nationwide, making EV driving options readily available and accessible to everyone.”

Extracted in full from: Evee: Australian electric car sharing platform doubles in size to 100 vehicles (thedriven.io)