Australia’s peak fuel body is calling on the federal government to remove limits on how long foreign workers can work at service stations.

The organisation warns if nothing is done Australia could face a chronic fuel shortage.

Sky News Australia discussed the issue with Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association CEO Mark McKenzie.

“Our basic issue at the moment is we want to avoid the sort of problems that we’re actually seeing in the food industry … we’re starting to see small indications of workers having to isolate,” Mr McKenzie said.

“We use a large number of international workers and the closure of the borders meant we started the Omicron variant already dealing with some challenges in terms of staffing.

“So it’s not a fuel supply problem it’s a worker availability problem … so we basically said to government there’s some things they can do to help us and to avoid us having the sort of problem … in the supermarket industry.”

Extracted in full from: Fuel industry calls for removal of foreign workers’ working limits | Sky News Australia