The state has announced that it will be sending more than $5 million for renewable hydrogen.

The government of the Australian state of Victoria has announced that it will be sending more than $5 million (AUD$7 million) in funding into the Victorian green hydrogen sector.

This funding will be used specifically for trials that will allow H2 technology to be accelerated.

The money will fund trials to accelerate green hydrogen technology. It will support six projects with cash from the Renewable Hydrogen Commercialisation Pathways Fund.

Another AUD$800,000 had previously been announced for eight recipients to develop business applications to support the transition to H2. That funding is from the Renewable Hydrogen Business Ready Fund.

“Renewable hydrogen is a key part of our clean energy transition, ensuring we can meet our target of halving emissions by 2030 and hit net zero by 2050. These exciting projects will help businesses push the frontiers of renewable hydrogen and embrace this clean energy solution,” said Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio. “Victoria’s support for the renewable hydrogen sector will create new jobs while we drive down emissions across our economy by funding the infrastructure and innovation required to accelerate this change.”

The projects or hydrogen companies that received the green hydrogen technology acceleration funding are the following.

  1. Volgren Australia – For the development of two H2-powered buses that will undergo a trial on the public transportation network.
  2. Viva Energy New Energies Service Station (NESS) – This project will focus on developing an H2 refueling station located alongside an electric vehicle charging station for the delivery of zero-emission fueling solutions to customers.
  3. Air Liquide – This giant’s project is for the development of a green hydrogen facility starting with a 130 ton per year capacity.
  4. Energys Australia – This project will also be developing a renewable H2 production facility.
  5. Boundary Power – This project aims to provide a demonstration of a clean standalone power system in which solar energy and a renewable H2 hydride battery will generate and store electricity in an Australian first.
  6. Telstra – This project is the deployment of a renewable H2 fuel cell generator at a regional mobile communications site for eliminating dependence on fossil fuel-powered generators.
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