The WA Government vaccine mandate 2nd dose date is just around the corner (31.1.2022) but the recent change of booster eligibility from 4 months to 3 months after second dose, combined with the WA adoption of boosters as part of the mandate has led to confusion from businesses as to when staff are and are not allowed to work.

This confusion is understandable, as is the frustration that businesses are feeling with the constantly moving goal posts.

Currently, anyone aged 18 years and older who had their second dose more than 3 months ago.

This booster eligibility, combined with the vaccination mandate means that workers captured by the mandate must not be allowed at work unless they meet ALL the vaccination requirements…including boosters.

Workers captured under the mandatory vaccination directions, who were eligible to receive a booster dose at or before 4 January 2022, must receive their booster dose by 5 February 2022.

After 4 January 2022, as workers who are captured under the mandatory vaccination directions become eligible to receive a booster dose, they must do so within one calendar month of becoming eligible.

The table below sets out the dates by which the booster is required to have been administered
for affected workers.

ACAPMA reminds members that these booster requirements do not change the standard dose one and dose two requirement outlined here: and that penalties apply for non compliance.

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)