Czechs are piling across the border to buy cheap food and petrol in Poland following VAT cuts on fuel and its elimination entirely on some food products, Czech media have reported.

The VAT cuts are part of measures introduced by the Polish government to combat inflation.

One litre of EU95 petrol costs about CZK 36 (EUR 1.49) in the Czech Republic as compared to CZK 28 (EUR 1.16) in Poland.

Czech regulations allow a maximum of 20 litres of petrol to be transported in canisters. According to reporters, some drivers cross the Polish border several times and buy a total of 100 litres.

The zero VAT rate on some food has, apparently, also provided an additional lure for Czechs

There are long queues for meat, dairy products and fruit, according to the Czech daily Mlada Frona Dnes. Oranges in Poland cost CZK 15.60 (EUR 0.64)per kilo against CZK 49.90 (EUR 2.06) on average in the Czech Republic.

Although Polish food products are cheaper than in the Czech Republic, the differences in prices on the whole are not as attractive as in the case of petrol, the Czech media wrote.

Extracted in full from: Czechs storm Polish stores and petrol stations – media – The First News