From Award and Agreements to Unfair Dismissals and Bullying Claims, from key employment law cases to the National Wage Case, and a whole lot more in between, the Fair Work Commission is a unique body that delivers information, conciliation, mediation, arbitration and determinations.  This detailed information bank has been held in the  which has undergone a facelift that is more than skin deep.

The new look FWC website is more than a facelift.  After extensive use research links, layouts and connections have been modified to make locating information, and engaging with connected information easier.  The new website contains all of the content and information of the old website, just in a cleaner, easier to use format.

“I love simple solutions and one of the best I have seen is the FWCs perma links.  Key documents are updated, but the links stay the same.  Knowing that that one link will always take you to the latest copy of the Award, and never to an old version or a 404 error, is worth gold in a busy advisors role” added Elisha.

The website upgrade is iterative and further changes will be added over time.

“It is worthwhile to take a coffee break with the new site, update your subscriptions and have a look around” concluded Elisha.

Check out the new site at;

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom (HRM & IR)