The new concept offers drivers EV charging services as well as electricity generation and fueling service.

SK Energy, alongside the Seoul city government, has opened a new service station concept called “total energy station”. The installation is equipped to offer EV charging, generate electricity from fuel cells and solar power, and offer fueling solutions.

“The energy superstation, which provides charging services while generating electricity, achieves the effect of killing two birds with one stone: stable power supply and smooth electric vehicle spread. We will spread energy superstations to create a charging infrastructure that can be charged at all times like mobile phones,” said Park Ki-Young, Second Vice Minister of the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in an official press release published by the local news site Aju Business Daily.

The company revamped an old gas station located in the Geumcheon District of the city. The forecourt was equipped with 300 kilowatts of fuel cells, 20KW of solar power, one ultra-fast charger, and one quick charger. The energy produced by fuel cells and solar power will be sold to a state power company to earn profits or charge electric vehicles.

The new installation is part of a pilot project launched by SK alongside the local government after getting approval through a regulatory policy that exempts regulations. Because of the risk of chemical fire and its difficulty in putting it out, fuel cells or energy storage systems cannot be installed at service stations. Nevertheless, the new installation got approval from the national government through a regulatory policy that exempts regulations.

The new opening is part of the transformation process in favor of cleaner energies that Korean companies are championing across the country. The company seeks to increase the number of total service stations to 100 in Seoul by the end of 2023 while the city’s government confirmed it will cooperate with other oil refiners to push for more total energy stations.

Extracted in full from: South Korea: SK’s newest station generates electricity for charging (