Looking for a way to escape skyrocketing petrol prices? Meet the Darwin residents dropping down to two-wheels to avoid the fuel pump.

TERRITORIANS are swapping four wheels for two, hoping to avoid the petrol pump as prices linger over $2 a litre.

Australian e-bike and scooter usage has jumped by 15 per cent over the past two weeks according to Neuron Mobility, and Darwin is no exception with a 12.5 per cent jump.

Coconut Grove resident Mei Li Chang said she was hopping on an e-bike at least twice a week and her reliance on them was growing as fuel prices remained high

“I own a Mitsubishi Pajero and as you can imagine, it has not been the most cost-friendly option while petrol prices are so high,” Ms Chang said.

Ms Chang said a $99 monthly pass meant her daily rides cost an average of $3 a day — a nominal fee as the petrol bowser tips to over $2 a litre. She said the flow on effects of the high petrol pump would have their impact on local businesses.

“If Neuron wasn’t around and petrol prices continued at this rate, many of my trips I just wouldn’t make at all,” Ms Chang said.

“I’m glad that I can continue to explore the city and support the local shop owners without having to spend a fortune to get there.”

More Darwinites are using e-scooters as a result of increasing fuel prices Nicola Wickramaratne (R) and Mei Li Chang are locals who have turned to e-scooters. Picture: Glenn Campbell

Darwin resident Nicola Wickramaratne also said she ditched her car for a short scoot into town.

“I have a car however I am doing my best to use it less,” Ms Wickramaratne said.

“The cost of running my car is increasing drastically, especially with the increment of petrol prices.”

Ms Wickramaratne said she initially chose to use the scooters for enjoyment and the environment but the cost of parking and rising fuel prices have only solidified her decision.

Neuron Mobility Head of Australia and New Zealand Richard Hannah said more Territorians were reconsidering their daily commute.

“With increasing petrol prices, and the reduced availability of fuel, people are certainly considering how they travel,” he said.

“We are seeing our e-scooter trips continuing to increase in Darwin and we expect this number to continue if petrol prices continue to rise,” Mr Hannah said.

“E-scooters are a great alternative to cars, they reduce congestion and emissions, provide a valuable link to public transport, and also support the city’s sustainability goals.”

And Mr Hannah said the switch from cars to scooters was saving more than just the hip pocket, with 56 per cent of Darwin trips replacing cars and therefore reducing traffic congestion and saving an estimated 240 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Neuron e-scooters can be used in the Darwin CBD area, extending to Fannie Bay. The e-bike zone includes Parap, Nightcliff, Casuarina, Leanyer and Wulagi.

Extracted in full from: Fuel pushes Mei Li Chang and Nicola Wickramaratne to use e-scooters and bikes | NT News