Following a recent compliance campaign the EPA NSW is urging all Dangerous Goods transporters to review the conditions of the DG Vehicle Licences and to proactively communicate the compliance obligations to all staff.

The compliance campaign undertaken by the Environmental Protection Agency NSW was aimed at identifying areas for future focus and education, and resulted in several key learnings that apply to all businesses including;

  • A need for Dangerous Goods Vehicle Licence operators to ensure that all staff have an understanding of the regulatory and maintenance obligations.  While the knowledge and systems may be in place in many businesses it is apparent that in some structures the detail and importance of this information is not being communicated throughout the network of staff effectively which can lead to breaches or oversights
  • A need for focus on hydrostatic testing recording, which should be on the tankers themselves and should be backed by data and records within the business
  • A need to ensure that Dangerous Goods Vehicle Licences are updated when tankers change hands
  • A need for external maintenance staff and systems to be more closely integrated or linked through process with the business to ensure that obligations are well understood and complied with on both sides

“This particular campaign was an educational one, however the learnings are a stark reminder to all businesses to review, and importantly communicate, their DGV obligations when it comes to EPA” notes ACAPMAs Elisha Radwanowski

For more information on the Dangerous Goods Vehicle Licence requirements at the EPA NSW see;

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)