By Anton Vikstrom’s account, the demand for electric vehicles in Tasmania started ramping up considerably around the same time the price of petrol hit $2.10 a litre.

Both have continued to rise.

Mr Vikstrom – co-founder of second-hand EV retailer Good Car Co – who’s been operating in Tasmania for several years said demand has doubled in recent weeks, spurred on by still-rising petrol prices. The company completely sold out of its EV stock last weekend.

“The problem we’ve been trying to solve for years is how do you make electric cars affordable, but instead now petrol cars have become unaffordable,” he said.

And looking at the recent price comparisons, it’s easy to see why people are making the switch.

“To drive 100 kilometres in an efficient Corolla will use around $14 in fuel. In an EV, this will cost around $2.30 from off-peak power or just $1.10 when charging from solar,” Mr Vikstrom said.

The rise in demand throughout the state is hitting up against a long-standing drought in supply.

Australia already receives a constricted supply in electric vehicles that in-turn translates to an even tighter second-hand market, which many are turning to to source the few available high-end EVs still on the market.

Picture: Joshua Peach

A 2022 Tesla Model 3 currently up for a nationwide auction is sitting at a bid offer of $71,000 with days still to go before the auction finalises. The same model retails brand new at around $68,000

Chief operations officer for the auction runner Lloyds Auctions, Lee Hames, said as people see more electric vehicles on the road, their confidence in the EV market is growing – particularly in the second-hand space.

“The electric car market is still very new to Australia which is actually a massive benefit to purchasing electric vehicles second hand, as they are in such great condition usually only having been used for a few years,” he said.

Back at Good Car Co – which imports much of its stock from overseas markets where EVs are more widespread – Mr Vikstrom is in the process of onboarding new EV brands to help bolster supplies and meet demand.