Viva Energy has announced the development a New Energies Service Station in Geelong offering hydrogen refuelling for heavy vehicles.

The service station, expected to commence operations in late 2023, will be Australia’s first publicly accessible commercial hydrogen refuelling station.

It will also offer electric vehicle recharging alongside green hydrogen refuelling, bringing together the zero emission technologies that will support Australia’s energy transition.

“Our existing partners have come on this journey with us and we share their excitement about what it means for the future of zero-emissions transport,” Viva Energy CEO and MD Scott Wyatt said.

“This project puts hydrogen-powered vehicles on the road to prove their value in day-to-day commercial operations while reducing the carbon footprint of the heavy vehicle transport we rely on every day,” Mr Wyatt said.

The $43.3 million project will incorporate a 2-megawatt electrolyser for the generation of green hydrogen using recycled water from Barwon Water’s Northern Water Plant and is designed to facilitate the commercial deployment of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

Liberal Senator for Victoria Sarah Henderson said it’s of great benefit to Geelong to have the facility built at the Corio-based plant

“We’ve continued to invest in Viva because it’s such an important part of our nations fuel security and of course an important employer for Geelong, doing so much for not just Geelong but for Victoria’s fuel needs,” Ms Henderson said.

Corio MP and Deputy Federal Opposition Leader Richard Marles said it’s a feather in Geelong’s cap to see the ambitious project set-up locally.

“I think it’s really historic for Geelong to have pretty well the first hydrogen refuelling station right here, supplied by Viva” Mr Marles said.

“This is going to be really important for long-distance transport which can really use hydrogen as a resource,” he said.

Extracted in full from: Hydrogen transport future for Geelong – bay 93.9 Geelong (