Petrol prices are already at record levels nationally and a rise in the global cost of oil means you will pay more in the coming weeks.

But the cost goes far beyond just filling up at the bowser. For Simone Dobber in Tasmania’s Huon Valley outside of Hobart, it has already stopped the music.

“I’m seriously considering quitting my job because it takes up between a quarter to a third of my overall pay, and it’s just becoming really unsustainable,” she said.

Ms Dobber works at different daycare centres, teaching music to children. With fuel above $2 a litre, the cost of travelling makes her work unviable.Simone Dobber

Simone Dobber is a music teacher in Tasmania’s Huon Valley but soaring fuel costs are making her work unviable.(ABC News: Rob Reibel)

Public transport is not an option in the region, particularly with the instruments she needs to carry.

“I love my job so much,” she said.

“It brings me so much joy and brings the kids so much joy.