Petrol prices are back on the rise across Brisbane after temporary relief following the fuel excise cut at the end of March.

There is now almost a 40 cent difference between the cheapest and most expensive Unleaded 91 currently available in Brisbane with some stations climbing back up to nearly $2 a litre as of last night.

It marks the first sign that a new petrol cycle is starting after the government’s fuel excise cut was implemented at the end of March to deal with rising costs.

As of Wednesday morning, Brisbane’s average price at the bowser for petrol sat at $1.61, with the BPs in Newstead, Milton and Wellington Point all hitting above $1.90 while others were above $1.80.

Bargain hunters are urged to find the stations around town that are still offering just over $1.50 a litre in order to save up to $20 for those filling a 50-litre tank.

Chris Ford, General Manager at Compare the Market, said the national average wholesale price had jumped 3c overnight making it the biggest daily price rise since the first week of March.

“We’re seeing the signs of the first price increase since the fuel excise was introduced at the end of March and it likely indicates the start of a new price cycle,” he said.

Flow on effects will see Australian prices rise even more in the coming weeks, according to Mr Ford, with Brisbane and Sydney being the first to see the direct impact.

“The best advice is to use the fuel comparison Apps, like the Simples App, to find the best deal near you and alleviate the pressure on the hip pocket,” Mr Ford said.

Most expensive U91 as of Wednesday 10am

BP Wellington Point 191.9c

BP Commercial Rd Newstead 191.9c

BP Milton 191.9c

BP Manly 183.9c

BP Tingalpa 183.9

Cheapest U91 as of Wednesday 10am

Metco Coopers Plains 150.3c

Metro Capalaba 151.9c

United Coopers Plains 152.9c

United Sherwood 153.9c

Puma Grange 155.7c

Puma Clayfield 156.9c

Extracted in full from: Brisbane petrol prices spike again to nearly $2 a litre after temporary relief | Herald Sun