In a recent case before the Federal Court an Sydney café that underpaid its staff around $1k has been required to pay the employees what they were due plus superannuation as well as around $14k in penalties.

 The café in Castle Hill was issued with a notice to pay back staff from the Fair Work Ombudsman and failed to follow the Compliance Notice.

 “When Compliance Notices are not followed, we are prepared to take legal action to ensure workers receive their lawful entitlements” outlined Fair Work Ombudsman Sandra Parker.

 The underpayments occurred in 2018 and involved incorrect penalty rates paid to the then junior staff member as well as a lack of notice and annual leave loading payments.


 “Minor errors in payroll are not uncommon and are provided for.  When minor errors are identified they must be rectified in full, with super and interest as appropriate, quickly and completely.  Failure to address even minor issues will result in penalties.  As was rightly seen in this case those penalties can, and arguably should, dramatically outweigh the value of the breaches” explains ACAPMAs Elisha Radwanowski.

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 Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)