A new petrol station’s unique ploy to bring in customers has been reportedly shut down by police after causing gridlock in surrounding streets.

In a bid to stand out from the crowd, the petrol station in China hired the services of six women donning revealing outfits to stand at the pumps and welcome motorists on Tuesday.

Chinese state media publication The Paper dubbed the women ‘bikini girls’.

After drivers flocked to the petrol station and caused congestion, authorities confirmed the promotional stunt had been shut down due to “inappropriate marketing activities”.

Images and video of the women at the petrol station in the Chinese port city of Qingdao were quickly shared and circulated on Chinese social media sites WeChat and Weibo, prompting a mixed response.

“What’s wrong with bikinis?” one person asked.

“What’s the address? My car just ran out of gas,” another said.

Qingdao TV visited the petrol station on Wednesday with no sign of the women and were told they were only part of an “opening ceremony” for the petrol station.

It’s not the first time women in revealing clothes have been used as petrol stations in China, with video resurfacing of a promotion at a Guangxi station where drivers could receive a “beauty service” from the women for an additional one yuan ($0.20).

Extracted in full from: Petrol station’s bikini girl stunt ‘shut down’ by police (yahoo.com)