Scott Morrison has tried to shift the election back to energy security and jobs, as he hits out at Anthony Albanese for setting a tone for sledging and political attacks.

Scott Morrison has announced $250 million to strengthen Australia’s energy industry, while taking aim at Anthony Albanese over the Prime Minister’s run-in with a “Labor apparatchik”.

Mr Morrison is campaigning in Geelong alongside Liberal candidate for Corangamite Stephanie Asher who has served as the city’s Mayor since 2019.

The $125 million to both the Viva Energy refinery in Geelong and the Ampol refinery in Lytton unveiled by the Prime Minister and Energy Minister Angus Taylor will help major construction and facility upgrades.

The funding for the two oil refineries pledges to create 500 new direct jobs from the construction projects while securing the existing 1200 workers at both facilities.

The press conference comes after Mr Morrison was confronted by a political activist at a private event.

Adisen Wright, a Labor faithful, met the Prime Minister at The Rowers in Penrith on Tuesday night and shared the fiery confrontation to TikTok.

Mr Morrison used the opportunity to attack Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese for setting a tone for sledging, labelling the protester who called him a “disgrace” as a pitch invader and a “Labor apparatchik”.

“Anthony Albanese sets the tone for the last three years where he basically says its ok to sledge and attack,” Mr Morrison said.

“He may think that’s a substitute for having an economic plan but it’s not.

“But when he sets that tone he can’t be surprised when people come and behaviour in that sort of way.”

In the video, the 20-year-old claimed he was a resident living in the Blue Mountains and asked Mr Morrison for a photo, which he happily agreed to.

Mr Wright then posed whether he could ask a question, but the situation quickly turned when the 53-year-old noticed he was filming.

“What’s going on there? No, why’s it recording?” a stunned Mr Morrison asked.

The Prime Minister said it was an invite-only media event before he turned around and walked away to join the rest of the group mingling in the background.

“ScoMo, across the river here, across the Nepean River, people lost their houses, and they were burnt,” Mr Wright said.

He then yells: “You’re a disgrace, you are a disgrace.”

Extracted in full from: Morrison pledges $250 million to boost energy security as he attacks Albanese for ‘setting a tone’ of sledging | Sky News Australia