Shell Card Go App has launched, delivering contactless mobile payments to the prolific fleet card users.  Allowing authorised drivers to pay for fuel at Shell, Liberty and Coles Express sites the app streamlines the process of finding, filling and record keeping at all of the 1,200 Shell Card accepting locations nationwide.  P97, the mobile commerce and engagement platform, developed the Shell Card Go App for Viva Energy Australia and is delivering simplicity for users and engagement for operators.

P97 Networks is an industry leading mobility services platform and has integrated their technology into five leading point of sale systems across Viva Energy’s retail network, including NCR POS, QuickFuel POS, Beacon POS, EdgePOS and Viva Energy’s outdoor payment terminals. P97 has also integrated into Viva Energy’s Card Management Platform and Fiserv, the payments authorisation host for the Shell Fleet Card. These complex integrations will allow a seamless and consistent experience across their retail network of over 1,200 service stations.

“These complex integrations allow for a seamless and consistent experience across the whole 1,200 strong network” outline Brad Jones from P97 Networks.

The Shell Card Go App allows drivers to pay for fuel at Shell, Liberty, and Coles Express sites. The app also allows users to locate stations, view site details, earn rewards and easily access their transaction history. In addition, the app allows Viva Energy the ability to interact with their customers with digital marketing through discounts, offers, promotions and omni-channel messaging.

Its about creating frictionless, easy interactions.

“Viva Energy aims to provide fleet managers and drivers easy access to fuel stations and contactless payments” explains Ash Harris, Head of Shell Card at Viva Energy.

The Shell Card Go App is about ease and convenience, but a strong focus was placed on ensuring the security of the system and the protection of fleet customers.

“We believe the Shell Card Go app will not only make fuel payments more convenient for fleet managers and drivers, but also create seamless and secure experiences. We chose to work with P97 Networks because they are a market leader and recognised for their ability to process mobile payments, integrate their technology into complex POS systems, and influence driver behaviour” adds Ash.

With Viva Energy supplying around a quarter of Australia’s fuel and the vast number of Shell Card locations nationwide, the Shell Card Go App is focused on driving value for fleet managers, drivers and operations.

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Elisha Radwanowski BCom(HRM&IR)