A 7-Eleven customer has documented his experience with a new high-tech self-checkout, which includes a hologram in place of a physical screen.

Video shows the man walking into a 7-Eleven store at Akasaka-Mitsuke Station in Tokyo, raving to viewers that “7-Eleven Japan is truly in the future”.

To showcase the technology, the customer purchases an item using the self-checkout, which beams a holographic sales screen above the scanner, negating the need to touch a surface.

 The man scans his item and waves his finger at a button on the holographic display, which allows him to finalise the sale.

The technology has amazed viewers, who are calling it “revolutionary” and praised its hygiene factor.

But will holographic checkouts make their way to Australian 7-Eleven stores?



“The process is really simple, customers create a user profile on their smartphone app, link their credit card and upload a selfie. Customers scan their own items on their phone and check out within seconds, without having to queue or re-enter their payment details,” Eyears said.

Eyears also said that other concept stores have allowed the retailer to explore more new technologies.

“The extensive trials have allowed us to test, learn and evolve the pay-and-go technology, with plans to expand the trials with new features to more stores, alongside traditional payment options, later in 2022.”

Misconception over jobs quashed by convenience store giant

The original video of a 7-Eleven customer using a hologram self-checkout in Japan received several comments that the technology reduces employment opportunities within the company.

However 7-Eleven has confirmed that all Aussie stores fitted with self-checkouts will remain fully staffed, with employees simply performing other duties while on shift.

“In this concept store, there is no physical checkout counter. Instead of processing transactions, store team members focus on greeting and assisting customers and on delivering 7-Eleven’s growing food offer,” Eyears said.

Extracted in full from: 7-Eleven customers wowed by hologram self-checkouts: ‘Truly the future’ (yahoo.com)