A Perth petrol station has apologised after a “technical malfunction” caused confusion over their fuel price.

An image circulating online taken at United Petrol on Hepburn Avenue in Hepburn Heights, shows the price on the pump display at $1.59 cents per litre, next to a picture of a receipt, showing the price paid was in fact $1.72 cents per litre.

“Mandy says ‘just a warning to everyone that may use United Petrol on Hepburn Ave’,” the caption from WA Incident Alerts reads.

“’The pump on number 4 shows $1.59 for unleaded 95 but was charged at $1.72.’”

With the price of fuel already at a premium, a number of social media users were outraged.

“This lady should be reimbursed in full this is not her mistake it’s the petrol station’s fault. There are huge fines for petrol stations charging incorrectly,” one person wrote.

But the petrol station said there was a simple explanation for the mistake.

“Because it has been raining, water got into the pump and damaged the display,” Manager Sunil T said.

“It was not intentional at all. It was a genuine technical malfunction.

“It was just one pump, our fuel is the price advertised on the sign, and is consistent with the price on FuelWatch.”

Mr T said the petrol station had contacted United head office to fix the issue.

Extracted in full form: United Petrol on Hepburn Avenue apologises over fuel price mistake | PerthNow